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Welcome To World Inferno Conquer

Drop Rendom With Change Level Vip

Big Monsters 100000 Cps

Events Prize 10000 - 50000 Cps

Wars Prize 250000 - 5000000 Cps

Lucky Of Lottery 40%

Exp Level Up 20%

Daily Events With GM

Daily Gifts

Conquer Online Server

  • PVP

    Enjoy All classes, items, and spells are fully implemented, tested and work exactly same as it was in official Conquer…


    Join hundreds of unique and daily quests which help you level up and improve your gears.…


    Take part in both solo and team events such as Guild War, Death Match, Flag War, PK Tournaments, SS/FB, Elite PK, Dragons Team, etc.…

Custom Event

Challenge with hundreds of HEROES to keep your glory safe